Szymon Gibała

Bookmark - command-line tool to quickly access obnoxious URLs

Introduction Bookmark is a simple command-line application written in Rust that allows saving, grouping, and tagging your URLs as well as accessing them quickly from the comforts of your terminal. What does it do? The main objective of Bookmark is to make it easier to find the URL you are looking for and open it quickly without clicking through dozens of folders with bookmarks or scrolling endlessly through the bookmarks bar.

Building Rust Web API with Warp and Diesel

Introduction In this article, I would like to share with you my experience of writing a very simple Web API in Rust using Warp and Diesel. As I am still Rust newbie, please let me know of any mistakes you have spotted, and of course, any feedback is appreciated. Prerequisites Basic knowledge of Rust Basic knowledge of how web APIs work Project overview To not create another Todo List, we are going to create a simple book catalog (I know I know it is almost as original).