About Me

Hi I am Szymon!

I am glad to see you here ;)
If you want to know more about me you are in the right place.

I am a software engineer, passionate creator, amateur runner, and also a human (I know you did not expect that!).

Some of the technologies I work with professionally include:

  • Go
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Cloud

In my spare time I also enjoy working with:

  • Rust
  • Python

Work and projects

Currently, I am working as a Software Design Engineer at Mattermost building the Mattermost Cloud offering.

I am also building some small hobby projects. Some of them you can find on my GitHub.

In the past, I worked on the open-source Kyma project as part of SAP.


If you want to get in touch, feel free to shoot me an email!